Rajae White is a highly accomplished professional in the aviation industry with nearly a decade of aviation experience. He currently serves as Brand Solutions & Support, focusing on high-end services and exceptional customer experiences.

Rajae’s journey in the aviation industry began at Orion Jet Center in Miami, Florida, while he also pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management with a concentration in Air Traffic Control from the University of Florida Memorial. The program equipped him with a strong foundation in the principles and practices of aviation management, which he has since applied in his various roles in the industry. Rajae’s expertise in Guest Experience and Safety Management Systems has enabled him to promote aviation services while effectively maintaining the highest service excellence.

Rajae has demonstrated a passion for the aviation industry and a commitment to service excellence throughout his career. His ability to develop and implement effective strategies that enhance business operations, improve safety, and increase customer satisfaction has earned him a reputation in the aviation industry.

 Rajae’s next step in the industry will be to attain his Master of Business Administration in Aviation Management and continue developing innovative solutions to positively impact the aviation industry.

Vice President of Aviation

Airside Operations Director